Dolan Lake

History and photos of Dolan Lake, the Hamilton County State Fish and Wildlife Area near McLeansboro, IL

Dolan Lake Bridge by David Cantrell
Dolan Lake was named after Lawrence P. Dolan and contains 75 acres of water. It is located approximately 8 miles southeast of McLeansboro in Hamilton County, Illinois. Many reunions, church fish frys, and Happy Neighbor Home Extension meetings have been held there over the years.

The featured photo above was a winner in the SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital photo contest. It can be found on the second floor in the patient waiting room.

Illinois State General Assembly House Bill No. 915 designated 99 acres that had been purchased in 1960 as the Hamilton County Conversation Area on August 5, 1963. The lake was filled in 1962 after the construction of a dam.

Hamilton County State Fish & Wildlife Area
Illinois Department of Natural Resources, 2003.

Laws of the state of Illinois enacted by the General Assembly, 1963.

John Haas Obituary - park ranger for 30 years
L P Dolan Lake, USGS Geographic Names
Dolan Lake Bing Map


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