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Background information on the creation of the Mayberry Township, IL website.

Farming in Mayberry Township by David Cantrell
The featured photo was taken in Section 9 of Mayberry Township and was a winner in the SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital photo contest. It can be found in the cafeteria near the checkout area.

Mayberry Township is located in Hamilton County, Illinois. In memory of my grandparents, a history website has been created that contains over 600 pages of memories with 2,300 photos of Mayberry Township, Hamilton and White Counties, railroads, one-room schools, and military veteran information.

Design Evolution

The first few iterations of the data were stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database and presented as an ASP.NET 4 web application. Since the .NET Core software had not become stable, the site was migrated to PHP and PostgreSQL.


Avoiding difficulties experienced placing flags at veteran grave stones for Memorial Day provided motivation to collect photos and GPS locations for military service members buried in Mayberry Township. Many of the inscriptions had started to fade and several hours were spent retracing the rows to make sure no one was missed. The flags had not been set out regularly since my grandma’s nephew, Gene “Stub” Stubblefield, had passed away several years ago. To help future volunteers find veterans, a printout of the information was provided to the Mayberry Township Cemetery Board, the McCoy Library in McLeansboro, and the Norris City Library and the Mayberry Township History web site was born.

1925 Tornado

The 1925 Tornado crossed the northern edge of Mayberry Township a couple of miles north of my home. The 1925 Tri-State Tornado Damage Path and Associated Storm System article and associated data provided GPS locations of casualties and signficant damage. “The 1925 Tri-State Tornado’s Devastation In Franklin County, Hamilton County, And White County, Illinois” by Bob Johns contains names and locations affected by the storm too. These two references were used to create a Google MyMap depicting the impact on Hamilton County.

A casualty list for Hamilton County was created and photos taken of their gravestones. A FindaGrave Virtual Cemetery is also available. The monument for “Edna Fern Wilson” was found in southeastern White County alongside her maternal grandparents.

Additional Subjects

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September 21, 2019

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